Full Tang The additional weight of the full tang offers more balance throughout the knife. The extra weight in the handle will increase the momentum of each swipe, enabling knife work with ease. In a full tang, the rivets are additional support through the length of the handle so you won’t need to worry about another detached blade from the handle.

Handle Design A lot of time is spent on each handle to maximize comfort. Hand placement, thumb placement and wrist movement were all taken into account with this design. The bevel on the inside curve of the handle as well as the lack of sharp edges allows you to work comfortably and surgically.

High Carbon Steel High carbon spring steel is used for the blade offering great edge retention, flexibility, as well as the ease of sharpening.

Concave blade Every blade has concavity, allowing the sole to peel away free of friction of the rest of the knife. All of these subtle differences contribute to the overall performance and quality of an OFT knife.